Can Dr. Bohm Fix A Herniated Disc?

Dr. Bohm has extensive experience in treating a herniated dis with great success, using non-invasive treatments. A herniated disc is a mechanical irritation of the spine; it has been linked to physical and mental stress, metabolic dysfunction, as well as to injuries in seemingly unrelated areas. It is crucial to isolate the cause of the herniated disc and connect it, to avoid reoccurrence of the herniation. Surgery is generally not necessary and can in fact lead to future spinal problems.

Can Dr. Bohm Treat Sciatica?

Dr. Bohm successfully treats sciatica. Many of our patients are referred to us either by personal recommendations or other physicians for this specific problem. Sciatica is a term used to describe the symptoms of an inflamed sciatic nerve, which may include shooting pain, tingling and numbness caused by the lower back condition. Dr. Bohm notes that sciatica, like most spinal problems have many contributing factors leading to its development, and it is always important to recognize and correct the causes of these symptoms

Can Dr. Bohm Treat Migraine Headaches?

Migraine “triggers” vary from person to person. Dr. Bohm has identified several causes that can lead to migraine attacks and may utilize a variety of treatments, including tension release technique, cranial sacral, detoxification, and allergy elimination to relieve migraines related symptoms.

Dr. Bohm is a neuromuscular skeletal physician. He successfully treats rotator cuff/shoulder pain and avoids surgery (see Denise Rich testimonial), neck pain, sports injuries, gastrointestinal ailments such as acid reflux, chronic back pain and muscular issues, in addition to other more specific neuromuscular ailments. To speak with Dr. Bohm, please call 212.277.4406.