“Dr. Bohm is a talented doctor, whose knowledge is vast and comprehensive, with an excellent and uncanny diagnostic ability. He understands the working of the body like few I have seen. When I arrive from California, he’s always one of the first on my ‘must see.’ I am proud to call him my doctor and am grateful to him for both maintaining and improving my overall health.” – David Geffen

“Dear Ilan, You are amazing…Love and light.” – Shirley Maclaine

“Dear Dr. Bohm, Nobody has been able to open my neck and left shoulder the way that you have. You embark on a real journey through the use of so many methodologies. With you unique approach, you treat the whole person-mind, body and spirit. You are an outstanding healer.” – Donna Karan

“Dear Dr. Bohm, I was days before surgery on my wrist, when my wife encouraged me to see you. Besides completely avoiding surgery, I have found a treatment that has changed my life. I am relaxed and energized at the same time. I am more aware of the connection between my body and mind and the importance of maintaining a balance for both. Dr. Bohm, you have a gift.” – Emeril Lagasse

“I want to express my gratitude to you. As you know, I was diagnosed with a torn rotary cuff, resulting in chronic pain. This ailment was debilitation on many levels and my doctors told me that I had no choice but to operate. A dear friend suggested I see you before I operate, and lo and behold with your encouragement and expertise, you restored my shoulder. I’m totally able to use it for exercise, swimming and everything. Thank you so very much.” – Denise Rich

“During these very demanding times filled with stress, it’s very comforting to know you are there. You are a wonderful doctor.” – Ivana Trump

“You are the most gifted and caring doctor we have ever met.” – Leonard and Allison Stern

“Thank you for taking such good care of me… with much love and admiration.” – Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia

“Ilan, you are pure genius. You are one of the most remarkable health care and well being providers I have ever encountered.” – Werner Erhard

“After so many years, I still find you an amazing healer.” – Elihu Rose

“Your skill and talent as a physician tremendously impress me. I call you the ‘magician physician.’ You foster confidence throughout the healing process and your ability to decipher information and understand the complexities of the human body amaze me. You got me well. I have recommended all my friends to you and will continue to do so. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Michele Rella

” There is no one like you and your superb staff. With four, less than successful knee surgeries, and a lifetime of knee problems, I am able to walk comfortably at last. Thank you Dr. Bohm. You have helped me to achieve a profound lifestyle change while making me laugh. Now that is a gift.” – John Van Merkensteijn

“Your reputation as a doctor has traveled far and wide. When I injured my shoulder skiing, it rendered me unable to use my arm and I was in constant pain. I could no longer play golf or ski. I heard about you from friends and traveled all the way from Amsterdam to see you, and it was worth it. I now have full use of my shoulder again, and I loved being in New York. Many thanks.” – John Manheim

“I had been suffering from debilitating vertigo attacks that left me sick on my bathroom floor and forced me to take leave of absence from work. I had been to countless physicians who offered no answers other than a handful of prescriptions that gave me no relief. Thankfully, I was referred by a friend to you. From the first visit, I began to feel better, energized and hopeful. You are a miracle worker and I recommend you to everyone who is struggling with a health condition.” – Cathy Rosenthal

“For two years, the numbness in my right arm and hand could not be eased by medication prescribed to me. One visit to you and I left pain free with full use of my hand and arm. The numbness has never returned. It was amazing. I’ve since been back for various ailments and each one was cured. You are my miracle worker. Thank you!” – Barbara Wolser